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Snooki’s Poof…How to rock the look for Halloween and after.

30 Oct Snooki Poof

OMG…Even Ellen DeGeneres has become “Snookified” for Halloween this year!

This week, she unveiled her Halloween costume on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Instead of just going as “Snooki”, the breakout star of MTV’s hit reality show, Jersey Shore, she took it one step further as Snooki’s Poof.  (C’mon, just going as Snooki is soooooooo unoriginal!)

Check out this video that shows Ellen in her Halloween Snooki Poof costume:

Snooki is famous for her 1960’s beehive hair poof…a look acheived by massive amounts of teasing and hairspray.  The pint-sized (4’9″) star has created a new celebrity hair trend…possibly one of the most copied since the popular “Rachel” haircut made famous by Jennifer Aniston in the mid-1990’s.  With her signature poof and high heels, Snooki probably reaches a height of 5’7″. 

In fact, you can learn how to create your own Snooki poof!  Check out this how-to tutorial from Snooki, herself. 

P.S. You may want to purchase a Bumpits hair volumizing tool to really get the poof look down pat.

The Snooki – 2010’s Number One Halloween Costume

28 Oct

Still searching for a last-minute Halloween costume?

Snooki from Jersey Shore

There’s still time to get your gear together to transform yourself into SNOOKI!

Seems that dressing as “Snooki”, the pint-sized reality star from MTV’s hit show, Jersey Shore, is predicted to be the #1 costume choice for this year’s Halloween festivities.  There are even all-in-one costume kits being sold at Halloween stores.

Really.  For $29.99…and it’s got buyer ratings of 4 out of 5 stars.  I can’t make this stuff up.

I wonder if “Best Snooki” would be an added costume prize category at the Halloween costume contest?  (You know…Most Original, Prettiest, Scariest, Best Snooki.  Wait…aren’t Scariest and Best Snooki the same prize category?

So what do you need to become a Snooki?

  • Spray Tan yourself to become as orangy-tan as possible
  • Wear something animal print….leopard or zebra works best
  • Buy a long dark wig, a family-size AquaNet hairspray and a Bumpits hair teasing kit (this is apparently a Jersey Girl must).  These three items will achieve the gravity defying “Snooki hair poof”
  • Wear giant fuzzy slippers.  Bonus points awarded for pink or leopard-print.
  • Make sure you are seen all night guzzling a fishbowl-size drink concoction.  Giant straws and some drink umbrellas will add a nice touch.
  • Bring a jar of kosher pickles (Snooki’s favorite) for extra points.

If you or someone you know are planning to become “snooki-fied”…comment below and post pictures!  Maybe we’ll have our own unofficial “Best Snooki” costume award.

Check out two of these Snooki look-alikes.   What do you think?

Snooki Costume

Snooki Guy

Cheers, and have a safe & happy Halloween!

A Healthy Debate on a not so healthy food…Hot Dogs

21 Oct

Sometimes it seems like NJ residents can be more divided than a blue or red state!

-The Boss or Bon Jovi?  (No crossing party lines.)

-When you’re going to The City, do you mean Philadelphia or New York? (That designates if you are from South Jersey or North Jersey.)

-The Windmill or Max’s?

For long term Jersey Shore residents and tourists alike, the mere mention of Windmill Hot Dogs or Max’s Famous Hot Dogs elicits fierce, passionate arguments about which establishments serve the finest hot dogs.

Forget Coney Island’s Nathan’s franks…forget the New York City “dirty water dogs”…forget the Italian-style hot dogs popularized by North Jersey restaurants (Yes, there is a North Jersey, dear Virginia, but that’s a story for another time).    Entirely different entity.

Windmill and Max’s hot dogs are classic, open face grilled, charred and split open to perfection.   They are considered the classic “boardwalk” food staple.  Even this Jersey Girl who swears off most processed food, soda, dairy and red meat will succumb to this salty, mega-calorie, belly buster once every few months.

So let’s weigh the options:

A Max’s Fan Testimonial:

Best Dog around!
Max’s is near the beach in Long Branch. It is a big quarter lb Schickhaus beef/pork dog slow cooked on a griddle. Delicious and one of the best beef and pork dogs in the state. In fact, I would put Max’s right up there with the Galloping Hill Inn in Union as the best of this type. About a block away in Long Branch is the Windmill. They also have about a dozen other locations spread out across the state. I know they have one in Hazlet. A good dog with a very tough casing. I prefer Max’s. A little more flavor than the Windmill.
By John Fox: avid hot dog eater for 40 years.  Brings wife & children.  Lives in California

For Team Windmill

Zagat Readers 2008 and 2009 declare “There’s nothing better than a crackling hot frank off the grill at this NJ hotdog haven”

Playing both sides – Bruce Springsteen’s Rock & Roll Manifesto

“Our love of all things American…cheeseburgers, baseball and hot dogs at Max’s and the Windmill.”

If you ever find yourself on the Shore, be sure to taste test them yourself and decide for yourself!

Can’t get to Jersey?  Windmill will ship their hot dogs to anywhere in the country.

p.s. (I’m a Windmill girl, myself!)

Pale is the New Tan

21 Oct

A boon to the tanning industry…a bane to dermatologists…the hot MTV show “Jersey Shore” has colored my home state a cheesy, skin-frazzling shade of UV-orange.

I have decided to proclaim my pale (and hopefully skin-cancer risk free) complexion as the new tan!

I am glad to see I am not alone…you can even express my sentiment on a cute t-shirt!

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