awwww yeah…it’s Jersey Shore Restaurant Week Nov. 4-14!

2 Nov

Jersey Shore Restaurant Logo

One of my favorite events on the Jersey Shore is Jersey Shore Restaurant Week (*), which is taking place this year from November 4-14.

As a Jersey Shore “Local” (year-round resident), I love the quiet months of October thru May, when summer tourists, summer residents and the “Bennies” pack up and leave.  Not that I don’t appreciate how they stimulate a mostly tourist-based economy, but I appreciate the silence, the shorter lines and the lack of New York license plates.

Jersey Shore Restaurant Week is like a “thank you” to the Locals and me.  In exchange for putting up with all the summer craziness, I get one week of access to over 65 amazing restaurants (that actually serve great food) at cheap prix-fixe pricing.

JERSEY SHORE – “Thanks for sharing your beaches, your supermarkets, your parking spaces all summer.  Oh yeah, and thanks for understanding that one evening when the 12 person obnoxious party from Staten Island came in and all but took over the restaurant and drained our Grey Goose supply in 14 minutes.”

ME – “You’re welcome. Glad that summer season is behind us.  Now what are you going to do for me?”

JERSEY SHORE – “Oh, impatient grasshopper; you didn’t even give me a chance to talk!  I give you Jersey Shore Restaurant Week.  Over 65 Monmouth and Ocean county restaurants are participating with $20.10 and $30.10 three course prix-fixe dinners from November 4-14. “

ME – “AWESOME!!!  $30.10 Prix Fixe at David Burke’s Fromagerie?!?!  I am so there.  There is a God.

JERSEY SHORE – “Whatevs.”

Here are a few of my favorite restaurants who are participating:

(*) (Ok, it’s actually 10 days.  We obviously can’t count.)

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