We don’t stink as much as you think we do – JerseyDoesntStink.com

15 Nov

The grassroots campaign that is standing up to uphold New Jersey‘s good name – JerseyDoesntStink.com

I have to thank my one of my besties, Maureen, for giving me the inspiration for today’s post. 

She and her awesome hubby, Barry, were driving back towards their home in Brooklyn this past Sunday, after an enjoyable day of suburban shopping in the Garden State.  (Tax-free clothing purchases in NJ, y’all…TAKE THAT, HATERS!)  She noticed JerseyDoesntStink.com billboards dotting the NJ Turnpike somewhere around Newark Airport/Port Elizabeth  (Which really, JerseyDoesntStink.com people, was a sh***y place to put that billboard up.  Actually, it DOES stink there.  Didn’t you know that the city of Elizabeth is affectionately referred to as the “armpit of New Jersey”?)

I decided to check it out.  If a grassroots campaign devoted to praising NJ is taking out billboards on the Turnpike, they must have something to say. While the JerseyDoesntStink.com site does have major corporate sponsors, the site aims to be a sounding board for people to spread their love and pride about all things New Jersey.   There’s a You Tube video gallery, a Facebook page, a regularly updated Twitter feed, and a lot of user-submitted content.  You can register to JOIN THE FIGHT! (Which I promptly did…#7506 on the Jersey Pride list, thank you.)

There is also a section on the site devoted to putting down so-called Jersey Bashers.  (Why is it that the 3rd smallest (or is it 4th or 5th?) state in the union gets so much hate??? )

Personally I think the haters are just jealous…New Jersey has got some amazing beaches, mountains, rivers, lakes, parks, close proximity to NYC/Philly, Springsteen and Chris Christie as governor!

And think of all the TV shows that have sprouted up…it started with The Sopranos, and its success beget (begat?  what is the past tense?) a whole slew of show celebrating parodying New Jersey:  Jersey-licous, Jersey Couture, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and the behemoth of them all, MTV’s Jersey Shore.

Besides Cal-ee-forn-ee-a, I can’t think of another state that receives such glowing pride from its residents.  Either that, or we as a state are having a major Sally Field moment…”YOU LIKE ME…YOU REALLY LIKE ME!!!” 

NJ Heart

2 Responses to “We don’t stink as much as you think we do – JerseyDoesntStink.com”

  1. Jersey Doesn't Stink November 16, 2010 at 10:36 am #

    Cara, you rule, and so do your friends Maureen and Barry! We totally agree that people are jealous of Jersey’s awesomeness. Thanks for the love, and we’re glad to have you fighting with us!

  2. Maureen November 16, 2010 at 11:53 am #

    Happy to be your Jersey muse! I am #7508 on the Jersey Pride list. Although I live in Brooklyn now, I don’t forget my roots are in the Garden State (that’s a little NJ humor for you)

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