Our Non-Jersey Girl dons “Jeggings” – fashion crime does not ensue (?)

11 Dec

This year for me has been all about major life changes (no, no, not that kind of life change…I’m only in my early 30’s.)  At times some of it was great…at times some of it was awful beyond comprehension…and at times some of it was truly triumphant.

"When it's time to change, you've got to re-arrange" - Peter Brady

I’ve had enough change this year to make Linda Blair’s (from the Exorcist) head turn 180 degrees and vomit pea soup. I’ve had to stop a lot along the way to re-evaluate myself, my goals, and where the next direction will take me.  And I’ve also had to re-learn how to breathe.

I think many women in a life-changing situation go through this internal reflection period, as well as a literal makeover. As Peggy Lee once crooned, “I’ve got to go wash that man out of my hair.”  It’s a cleansing process.  A re-affirmation of self.  Plus it just makes you feel good.

And little by little, I’ve been doing just that.  I had my long hair cut into a funky, edgy bob.  I treated myself to a new Bobbi Brown holiday makeup palette, and have been mastering the art of creating the perfect, sexy  “smoky eye” and mascara’ing my already long lashes to Lady Gaga lengths.  I got serious and finally lost the 20 pounds I had packed on in the last 2 years…(it’s called going to the gym and Weight Watchers, people.  It works.)

Last week I stared into the mirror and didn’t recognize the woman who stared back.  And I liked it.

So, still feeling confident, I decided this week to push the fashion envelope one more time.   I bought a pair of “jeggings”.

Oh come on, you’ve surely heard of jeggings.   It’s one of those words like “brunch”…jeans + leggings.  Get it?  It’s a clever marketing fad embraced by denim designers such as True Religion, Juicy Couture, Seven for all Mankind…Lindsay Lohan (what WON’T she do for money???)…even Old Navy had a jeggings promotion.  I really, really, really did not want to buy into it. (Remember leg warmers in the 80’s?…yeah, sorry I reminded you.)

But looking around, I saw a lot of women actually looking good in them.

I bought two pairs…one that is a very fine dark stretch denim, and one that is a traditional black legging.  I bought a pair of black Italian leather zip-up, knee high stiletto boots (25% off Cole Haan during Macy’s Friends & Family sale this past week…awww yeah).  I picked up some tunic-length tops to cover my butt.  And a pair of Spanx for extra measure.

This is EXACTLY what you want to avoid if you wear leggings.

The next day for work, I decided to try my new ensemble.  I was having an amazing hair day.  My makeup was perfect.  Everything about my outfit was laying smooth…tunic shirt “ruched and zusshed” in the right places (that’s a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy term BTW)…leggings hugging my re-slimmed body perfectly…boots giving me 4″ to my petite height.  I had a little pep in my step and could hear Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made For Walking” as my personal soundtrack for the day.

Before I left, I looked in the full-length mirror in the hallway and then panicked…CRAP…DID I LOOK LIKE UHURA FROM STAR TREK??? Not that Nichelle Nichols is not a stunningly attractive woman, but I didn’t want to have any “beam me up” references directed towards me.

I took a leap of faith (and also threw on a drapey-sweater jacket thingy to downplay the “Uhura-ness”, just in case) and headed out to work.

My co-workers’ jaws dropped.  “Where have you been hiding that body??? OH MY GAWD…YOU LOOK GAW-JISS! (roughly translated Jersey-speak to mean “Oh my God, you look gorgeous!”)  Stopping off to run errands at the post office, the bank and grocery store, I saw the clerks (who are on name-recognition basis with me) raise their eyebrows towards me in a good (and non-creepy) way.  I can’t say that I felt like a supermodel, but it felt wonderful to feel beautiful (to me) again.

I know that in 5 years we’ll look back at jeggings/leggings and wonder how in hell we could have thought that this fashion trend was cool.  But if it took a fad for me get to this point in my life, then I’ll take it.  (Just make sure that I throw those jeggings away in the future though…even if I’m kicking and screaming!)


2 Responses to “Our Non-Jersey Girl dons “Jeggings” – fashion crime does not ensue (?)”

  1. Sue Taylor December 16, 2010 at 4:51 pm #

    Jeggings? I am so out of touch! Loved the Nancy S. reference. Enjoy the “new you!”

  2. Laura January 26, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

    oh if only i had the body for jeggings .. someday (and by then they will be out of style hahaha)

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