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Music Tuesday – 21 Days till debut of Adele’s “21” album!

1 Feb

Ok…I know she’s not from Jersey.  She’s not even from this side of the pond.  But I freakin’ LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele…and you will, too.

What a fantastic voice…she’s already reached #1 on the charts in 15 countries, and I hope she reaches amazing chart success in the US.  Her album release date is February 22…which means it’s only 21 days until her sophomore album “21” is released.  Yippee!

Her single “Rolling in the Deep” has been burning up the airwaves (and most definitely has become my personal anthem for 2011 thus far.)

Yesterday while driving home, I caught a live studio performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You” on Sirius XM’s BBC Radio…hauntingly beautiful…I posted a YouTube link below.


Click here to order Adele’s album from Amazon.

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