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The Snooki – 2010’s Number One Halloween Costume

28 Oct

Still searching for a last-minute Halloween costume?

Snooki from Jersey Shore

There’s still time to get your gear together to transform yourself into SNOOKI!

Seems that dressing as “Snooki”, the pint-sized reality star from MTV’s hit show, Jersey Shore, is predicted to be the #1 costume choice for this year’s Halloween festivities.  There are even all-in-one costume kits being sold at Halloween stores.

Really.  For $29.99…and it’s got buyer ratings of 4 out of 5 stars.  I can’t make this stuff up.

I wonder if “Best Snooki” would be an added costume prize category at the Halloween costume contest?  (You know…Most Original, Prettiest, Scariest, Best Snooki.  Wait…aren’t Scariest and Best Snooki the same prize category?

So what do you need to become a Snooki?

  • Spray Tan yourself to become as orangy-tan as possible
  • Wear something animal print….leopard or zebra works best
  • Buy a long dark wig, a family-size AquaNet hairspray and a Bumpits hair teasing kit (this is apparently a Jersey Girl must).  These three items will achieve the gravity defying “Snooki hair poof”
  • Wear giant fuzzy slippers.  Bonus points awarded for pink or leopard-print.
  • Make sure you are seen all night guzzling a fishbowl-size drink concoction.  Giant straws and some drink umbrellas will add a nice touch.
  • Bring a jar of kosher pickles (Snooki’s favorite) for extra points.

If you or someone you know are planning to become “snooki-fied”…comment below and post pictures!  Maybe we’ll have our own unofficial “Best Snooki” costume award.

Check out two of these Snooki look-alikes.   What do you think?

Snooki Costume

Snooki Guy

Cheers, and have a safe & happy Halloween!

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