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Music Tuesday – 21 Days till debut of Adele’s “21” album!

1 Feb

Ok…I know she’s not from Jersey.  She’s not even from this side of the pond.  But I freakin’ LOVE LOVE LOVE Adele…and you will, too.

What a fantastic voice…she’s already reached #1 on the charts in 15 countries, and I hope she reaches amazing chart success in the US.  Her album release date is February 22…which means it’s only 21 days until her sophomore album “21” is released.  Yippee!

Her single “Rolling in the Deep” has been burning up the airwaves (and most definitely has become my personal anthem for 2011 thus far.)

Yesterday while driving home, I caught a live studio performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You” on Sirius XM’s BBC Radio…hauntingly beautiful…I posted a YouTube link below.


Click here to order Adele’s album from Amazon.

Let’s get SMASHED. (Plates, that is…)

24 Jan

Oh boy, did I lapse on my New Year’s resolution already.  I promised I’d write a new post at least once a week, and that fell by the wayside.  I’m sorry.  As you may have gathered, I have been pre-occupied with a lot of stuff.  Plus, my life during the past few weeks has been really boring and dull, so there’s not much you would have wanted to read anyway.

Ok…so what’s been going on in Non-Jersey Girl land, you may ask?

I have been back at the gym regularly since December.  It wasn’t so much as to lose weight, but to calm my stress and get my endorphins going (hey, gotta get my dose from somewhere since I’m separated.)  I’ve been feeling pretty good overall…but I realized I still have a lot of emotions and anger to let go.

So I started amping up my routines.  Power lifting classes.  Hard-core indoor bike spinning.  Group kickboxing.

It still was not been enough to calm me down.

A long time family friend suggested, “Why don’t you go break something?”

Me: “You mean like breaking dishes at a Greek restaurant?”

Her: “Well…yeah…but the Greek restaurants don’t really do that around here.  Why don’t you just go buy some and break them?”

I pondered it for a minute, hugged her, and drove off to the nearest Salvation Army in search of poor, hapless earthenware, stoneware and Depression-era glass pieces that I could pulverize.

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